Genetic and physiological characterization of a short root (shr) mutant in tomato

The root is usually the first organ which emerges from the seed. Roots provide an ideal system to unravel the genetic basis for plant organ development. To understand the developmental pathways that regulate the root formation, we have isolated a short root mutant with abnormal root development. Short root (shr) mutant shows a monogenic recessive Mendelian ratio and this mutation has a pleiotropic effect on the plantís morphology through out it's life cycle. We are exploring the possibility whether our mutant has the similar mechanism like Arabidopsis shr mutant. We are also attempting to define specific roles and regulatory hierarchies of genes controlling root initiation, development and differentiation.


Phenoype of light and dark grown Wt and Shr               Mature plants of Wt and Shr                             Mature Root of Wt and Shr

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